Is it okay to use your phone to take photos?

October 12th, 2020 by

I was out at a local woodland area this weekend. I was with my wife, and since I spend about 95% of the week taking photos everywhere we go, I had agreed that this particular Sunday would be a photography free day!

Well not quite! I couldn’t resist taking a few shots with my phone camera. I have a Google Pixel 3, and even though it’s an older model now, it does take great photos. Okay, so you can’t fully control depth of field, and there’s no shutter speed control, not to mention there’s no choice of lenses. What it does do though, it does very well. The exposure blending and processing is great, and produces really sharp images with plenty of dynamic range.


8 Amazing Photography YouTube Vloggers to Inspire You

September 18th, 2020 by

When I decided to really start taking photography seriously a few years ago, I spent a lot of time watching YouTube vloggers to help me improve and also inspire me to get out there and get some shots.

Watching people’s videos can be a great way to find out all kinds of tips on how they made their photo, the gear and the settings they used, the locations they visited and how they edited their raws to come up with amazing end results.

I was inspired by a wide range of photography vloggers and decided to make my own channel earlier this year.

Here are eight of the best channels that have helped and inspired me the most.


Travel Photography with One Body and One Lens

September 13th, 2020 by

I’ve just returned from my (socially distanced) holiday in the South West of England. Having left South Yorkshire on the 29th August, my trip started with a two day stop at Glastonbury, where I got chance to climb the Tor and see the colourful characters in the town centre.

Glastonbury Tor. Nikon Z7, 70mm, 1/500sec at f/7.1, ISO 64

It’s not what tools you use, it’s how you use them

August 19th, 2020 by

I recently entered a street photography shot into a couple of competitions. One was the APOY 2020 ‘City Life’ round and the other was a community contest on Photocrowd. This is the image I entered:

‘Dapper Gentleman’. Google Pixel 3, 4.44mm, 1/320sec at f/1.8, ISO 71

A Red Hot Result!

August 1st, 2020 by

Recently Digital Photographer Magazine ran a Summer Landscapes competition on Photocrowd. Entrants were encouraged to “make use of shadows” and “look for striking but natural colour contrasts”. I entered one of my recent images from Mam Tor in the Peak Disctrict and I’m delighted to say that I finished in the top 10%!, finishing 272nd place out of 3483 entries. That’s actually in the top 8% – but Photocrowd award a badge for being within the 10% bracket.

Peak District Photography by Robert Bishop
‘Onwards’. Nikon Z7, 24mm, 1/13sec at f/9, ISO 64

It’s really encouraging, and I feel like my landscape photography is definitely going in the right direction. My next goal is top 5%!

Raw Talent – I Asked Users of an Online Forum to Edit My Image

July 15th, 2020 by

The challenge set by 52frames for week 28 was to have someone else edit your image. It was an interesting concept, and a bit different from challenges in previous weeks. I don’t have too many photographer friends, and those that are don’t use RAW editing software. Therefore I hit the Reddit forums to try and find some people that could help me complete the challenge.

I found a subreddit called Edit My RAW, and posted a request along with two RAW files that I had taken in the woods earlier that day. Conditions were average, and the shots weren’t particularly special, but I did quite like them, and I’m pleased to say I got some fantastic edits from a number of users. 27 in total!

I show all of the images, as well as the chosen image that I submitted to 52frames in my latest video. You can also see all of the images and who they were edited by, below.

Seeing Some Movement with My Apoy 2020 Submission

July 13th, 2020 by

In my video from 21 June, I showed you how I captured an image that I was hoping to enter into the Amateur Photographer of the Year Award (APOY) 2020. The round I was entering was called ‘Keep on Moving’ and was about capturing motion. I headed to the woods with my friend, Ant, who is a keen mountain biker, and I used a panning technique to capture his movement as he made some jumps. The idea was to keep Ant locked in motion with the camera, so that he appeared frozen, while the background was blurred.

‘Velocity’. Nikon D7500, 52mm, 1/80sec at f/10, ISO 1000

I wasn’t 100% satisfied with my results on the day. Although I felt I had executed the technique well, and my background was nicely blurred, my subject, Ant, wasn’t as sharp as I would have liked. Nevertheless, after another couple of weeks, I didn’t feel I had captured anything better and I entered the image anyway.

So last week I was surprised to find out that my image finished in the top 25%. Higher than that in fact. I got a badge for finishing in the top 25%, but I actually finished in the top 19% – 79th place out of 417 entries. Considering I wasn’t that happy with the final image, I think that wasn’t a bad result!

Tor-rific Views and Spooky Self Portraits

July 4th, 2020 by
Peak District Photography by Robert Bishop
Mam Tor, Peak District. Nikon Z7, 24mm, 1/13sec at f/9, ISO 64

Last weekend I woke up at 3am so that I could be on top of the Peak District’s Mam Tor for the 4.40am sunrise. It was well worth it though. The weather was fantastic, which made for some excellent photos of the hillside bathed in golden light. If I were being really picky, I would have liked just a few light clouds in the sky, to add a bit of texture, but overall I can’t really complain!


Blur, bokeh and buying

June 21st, 2020 by

Into the Woods!

I have certainly been busy the last couple of weeks. Mostly my efforts have been concentrated on my YouTube channel and I’m proud to say I now have a grand total of three videos available to watch!

‘Capturing Motion: Photographing a Mountain Biker’. Availble to watch on YouTube now.

Chocks away!

June 7th, 2020 by

If you’re reading this, then you’re already looking at my new website. My plan is to release regular video content alongside this blog, so be sure to check out the first video once it’s live. If you’re really feeling adventurous, sign up to my newsletter to get updates on new videos and articles in the future.