Blur, bokeh and buying

Into the Woods!

I have certainly been busy the last couple of weeks. Mostly my efforts have been concentrated on my YouTube channel and I’m proud to say I now have a grand total of three videos available to watch!

‘Capturing Motion: Photographing a Mountain Biker’. Availble to watch on YouTube now.

The latest video is all about capturing motion and using a panning technique to get a sharp subject while maintaining a blurred background. I headed out into the forest with a friend who mountain bikes, and we got some shots of him making some jumps. I’m still learning and improving my production skills, so bear with the quality until I get up to speed! I have a new camera arriving next week, so I won’t have to rely on using my phone to record video; more about the camera later.

Making a Background

The 52frames challenge for this week is ‘Make a Background’. I wanted to experiment with bokeh for my image, so I used candles and a 50mm 1.4 lens to get a really blurred bokeh background.

An antique medicine bottle made the subject of the image, where the idea was to create a sort of product shot, but without a product. I like the bottle, as it is an interesting object. I didn’t have a lot of time this week, and I’m not especially happy with the lighting on the bottle, but I was quite pleased with the background, and I suppose that was the main part of the challenge. It is now week 25 of the year, and I haven’t missed a challenge yet, go me!

My submission for the week 25 52frames challenge: Make a Background!

Level Up!

I have been saving up for a new camera for quite a while now, and with the launch of my channel, I have realised that I need a second camera to capture good quality video while I’m using my main camera on-screen. So I’m excited to announce that I took the plunge this week and ordered a Nikon Z7. That will become my new stills camera and my D7500 will become my main video camera. I can’t wait to receive the Z7, and I’ll be doing one of those unboxing videos that are popular on YouTube. The ones I usually just get to watch and be jealous about!

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