Seeing Some Movement with My Apoy 2020 Submission

In my video from 21 June, I showed you how I captured an image that I was hoping to enter into the Amateur Photographer of the Year Award (APOY) 2020. The round I was entering was called ‘Keep on Moving’ and was about capturing motion. I headed to the woods with my friend, Ant, who is a keen mountain biker, and I used a panning technique to capture his movement as he made some jumps. The idea was to keep Ant locked in motion with the camera, so that he appeared frozen, while the background was blurred.

‘Velocity’. Nikon D7500, 52mm, 1/80sec at f/10, ISO 1000

I wasn’t 100% satisfied with my results on the day. Although I felt I had executed the technique well, and my background was nicely blurred, my subject, Ant, wasn’t as sharp as I would have liked. Nevertheless, after another couple of weeks, I didn’t feel I had captured anything better and I entered the image anyway.

So last week I was surprised to find out that my image finished in the top 25%. Higher than that in fact. I got a badge for finishing in the top 25%, but I actually finished in the top 19% – 79th place out of 417 entries. Considering I wasn’t that happy with the final image, I think that wasn’t a bad result!

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