8 Amazing Photography YouTube Vloggers to Inspire You

When I decided to really start taking photography seriously a few years ago, I spent a lot of time watching YouTube vloggers to help me improve and also inspire me to get out there and get some shots.

Watching people’s videos can be a great way to find out all kinds of tips on how they made their photo, the gear and the settings they used, the locations they visited and how they edited their raws to come up with amazing end results.

I was inspired by a wide range of photography vloggers and decided to make my own channel earlier this year.

Here are eight of the best channels that have helped and inspired me the most.

1. Nigel Danson

When it comes to landscape photography, the all round quality of Nigel’s channel is superb. Everything from his content and delivery, to his production and editing is top notch. He gets about to some fantastic locations and is really good at explaining his technique, camera settings and how he edits the final image.

2. Thomas Heaton

Another landscape and outdoors focused channel. Thomas has a very informal and accessible style in how he presents his videos. He also spends a lot of time in amazing locations and likes to share info about his process, gear, campervan, film photography and more!

3. Sean Tucker

It’s obvious that Sean puts a lot of effort into the content of his videos. He knows a lot about product, portrait and street photography, but his channel is less about process, technique and gear and more about the philosophy behind it all. As he says himself, “it’s more about the ‘why’ of photography than in the ‘how’”.

4. Jamie Windsor

Jamie doesn’t post new content very often, but when he does it’s always really well thought out and highly polished. He tends to focus on portrait, street and wedding photography but covers a whole range of topics including technique, gear reviews and tips that “focus on teaching the art of photography”.

5. Kai W

Kaiman Wong is a self confessed photography nerd and gear addict. His channel focusses mostly on gear reviews done in a very thorough, witty and entertaining style.

6. Peter McKinnon

If you’re a photographer and don’t know about Peter McKinnon, I can only assume you don’t use the internet! With over 5 million subscribers, Peter has an informal and fashionable style that appeals to a wide range of viewers. He covers a range of topics around process, gear and editing for both photography and cinematography.

7. Morten Hilmer

Morten is a former special forces soldier from Denmark. His channel is all about adventure, bushcraft and of course, photography. He specialises in nature photography and shares a multitude of tips on process, technique and gear.

8. Mark Denney

This is another channel centered around landscape and outdoor photography. Mark shares a lot of editing tips and is also good at providing advice on creating and managing a YouTube channel.

My Photography Vlog

All of the above content creators played a part in inspiring me to create my own channel. I really enjoy making videos and it keeps me motivated and helps me to improve my photography. Why not check out my Robert Bishop Photography channel over on Youtube. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe, so you keep up with what I’m doing.

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