Experiments in Printing My Photos

I recently purchased an A3 printer. You can see my unboxing video here.

A print I made from a woodland shoot I did recently

I’ve been wanting to get one for a while and have read quite a few different reviews for various models. From what I read, it seemed the Epson XP-970 would make an excellent value printer. Perhaps not quite as good as some of the options sitting around the £400-£600 mark, but certainly punching above its own £200 price tag.

So far I haven’t been disappointed – the prints are coming out great. The detail is really good and I’m really happy with the colours. I’m currently experimenting with different papers to see what gives the best results.

It’s really convenient to be able to print your own images whenever you feel like it, and it feels great to be able to hold something tangible that you created. I certainly recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already.

I will be posting further experiments with the printer in upcoming videos, so stay tuned for those. The best way to do that is to subscribe to my channel, and that way, the videos will pop up in your feed.

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