Download My Neon Noir Cyberpunk Lightroom Settings

Neon Noir / Cyberpunk image by Robert Bishop
Neon Noir / Cyberpunk image by Robert Bishop

In my recent video I showed you how I created an effect in Lightroom often called ‘neon noir’ or ‘cyberpunk’.

It’s sometimes associated with movies such as Bladerunner and Blue Velvet and the gaming industry has recently popularised the genre further, with releases such as Cyberpunk 2077.

There are many photographers who specialise in this style and I have tried to emulate the look achieved by Liam Wong, who creates fantastic images of busy cities, lit by colourful lights.

You can see my process in the video, but I’ve also created a document with screenshots of all the settings I’ve tweaked, so you can reference that if you want to try the effect.

My Lightroom settings

You can get the settings document here:

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