Storming Off

Earlier this week I joined Barnsley Photographic Society for an evening photographing birds of prey. The society hired a company to bring the birds and we brought along our cameras and longest lenses to capture some shots of the fantastic, feathery flyers.

Unfortunately the evening was cut short when one of the birds decided to go AWOL! We were in the middle of capturing some in-flight shots of a harris hawk called Storm when he suddenly flew up into a nearby tree to challenge some crows. He then went on to fly away into the distance, something that took the bird’s handlers by surprise. It was a tense hour or so as they had to abandon the photography session, get in their van and drive around the local area trying to find Storm.

Thankfully, they finally found him and the society will rearrange the event. Here are some shots I managed to get before Storm’s disappearance!

Kestrel by Robert Bishop
Little Owl by Robert Bishop
Storm, the Harris Hawk by Robert Bishop

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