My Top 5 Peak District Locations

If you have seen any of my photography videos before, you might know that I love the UK’s Peak District. Not only is it close to my home, but it’s an amazing area for landscape and wildlife photography. Here are my top five locations.

5. Curbar Edge

The Peak District has quite a few spectacular gritstone edges. This one offers fantastic views out over the Derwent Valley and is also quite near to Big Moor, where there’s a chance of spotting red deer.

Curbar Edge by Robert Bishop

4. Surprise View

This spot above Hathersage provides amazing views, particularly at sunset. There’s a national trust car park at the bottom, and it’s only a short walk up to the top of Mother Cap where you can capture spectacular landscape photos.

Surprise View by Robert Bishop

3. Stanage Edge

Another of ‘The Edges’, Stanage is easy to access, offers great views out over the Hope Valley and is also a fantastic spot for finding old mill stones (they make great foreground subjects for your landscape shots).

Stanage Edge by Robert Bishop

2. Padley Gorge

Stepping into this incredible location feels like being transported into a Lord of the Rings movie. Moss covered rocks, twisting, gnarly oak trees and tumbling, rocky waterfalls are just some of the features that make this location so magical for photography. Check out my video on Improving Your Photography when I revisit Padley Gorge for some long exposure waterfall shots.

Padley Gorge by Robert Bishop

1. Mam Tor

The ‘Mother Hill’ is a 517m high hill near Castleton that gifts visitors with superb vistas out over the High Peak area of the Peak District. It’s easily accessible from the nearby National Trust car park and on the right day, offers some of the best sunrise shots a landscape photographer can hope for!

Mam Tor by Robert Bishop

These are the places near to me, and that I visit often. There are loads more locations throughout the Peak District not listed here – so go check them out! Perhaps I’ll make a follow up post, listing some more at a later date.

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