Hand in Glove (Fingers on Camera)

The Markhof Pro V3 Photography Gloves that Vallerret kindly sent to me

In my most recent video I’m sharing five tips that can help make a shoot in cold conditions just a little bit easier.

As tip number two, I recommend making sure you’re wearing the appropriate clothing when the temperatures start to drop. This includes:

Until recently I didn’t wear gloves when out on a shoot. Thick ones stop me from being able to operate my camera and thin ones don’t really keep my hands warm anyway. So I was really pleased when Vallerret sent me a pair of their Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove to try out.

They have ‘FlipTech finger caps with magnets’ that fold back to reveal the index finger tip and thumb tip on each hand. This allows you to use all the controls on your camera and your hands still stay nice and toasty warm. They really do stay warm too; with a 100% Merino Wool inner and Thinsulate Insulation, my hands felt very comfortable in the minus temperatures I found that morning at Surprise View in the Peak District.

Vallerret’s FlipTech finger caps in action

They feel very well made, with DWR genuine goats leather, true Suede lens wipe, stretchy jersey cuffs and a non-slip grip with unique print.

I particularly liked the memory card pocket on the back of each glove and the included tripod key inside one pocket is a very nice touch.

All in all, I’d give these gloves 10 out of 10. They really are great, and I’ll be wearing them all winter.

If you’d like to get a pair, or want to check out the rest of Vallerret’s photography gloves, head over to www.photographygloves.com

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