Free Infrared Lightroom Preset

I’ve been doing a lot of infrared photography recently and it has been great fun. In my most recent video, you can see how I edited my infrared images.

The first stage is all in Lightroom and you can see my step by step process in the video. To make things quicker, I’m also giving away a preset of all the settings for this first stage. Just download the file with the link below.

After that you’ll need to take the file into Photoshop to complete the next stage. All the information is in the video though.

Infrared photography is a perfect genre for the harsh light of the summer months, so get out there and have some fun with it. Remember to stay cool though!

6 responses to “Free Infrared Lightroom Preset”

  1. Charles says:

    Hi. This Infrared Lightoom Preset isn’t avaible for download anymore I’m afraid. Best regards.

  2. image says:

    this is for lightroom computer…don’t you have this for mobile lightroom?

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